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July 10th, 2013

The Tournament Director Association (TDA), an association grouping several professionals of poker, following the example of Linda Johnson, Jack Effel and Matt Savage, met at the Venetian, in June 26th and 27th. It is about an annual meeting established to examine the rules of poker, applicable during different tournaments. After this meeting, the participants agreed on a possible change concerning the rule of the last card.

In fact, since a long time, a player can play a hand if he sits down before the distribution of this last card. If the project of modification is applied, each player who is not sitting down on the table yet during the distribution of the first card will be considered as « burned ». Linda Johnson thinks that this modification can remedy some attempts of cheating, because players who stand up are able to see the cards of the others. However, Daniel Negreanu does not share Johnson’s point of view. He openly criticized the new regulation and said that the TDA should lean on more important problems. Note that the Kid has this tendency to play poker while standing up in order to talk with his neighbors.

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