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February 14th, 2011

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, especially when playing in poker tournaments: to remove opponents. In a tournament, each player has his own way to eliminate an opponent. If you are already in the money, for each player eliminated your premium increases. So there are a lot of incentives to eliminate an opponent, if and when you do it.

This does not necessarily mean getting rid of players to be closer to the prize, especially in a tournament fee. In reality it depends on the situation of the opponent. If he is short stack the general consensus is to get him out if you have the opportunity and the other players will encourage you to do so.

This does not mean changing your strategy, as early in the game by eliminating your opponents is not a big problem, and can be expensive. You must ensure that the time is right and you are doing this for all the right reasons.

In an attempt to eliminate an opponent’s short stack, some poker players play hands that should not be playing. If the eliminations are at the center of your game and if you bet only for this purpose, your own game can suffer, no matter if other players get annoyed with you or not.
If you think about the fact that there is often more to lose than to gain by making out an opponent, you have to think for a moment and analyze the situation. For every eight to ten times that you try to eliminate an opponent, you may be able to succeed, on average, once. The cost of these chips is important! The elimination will happen only when there is a great asset in question; if you have a bad hand, why waste your stack? In fact, this may provide short stack players more chances to climb the money ladder and get to the final table.

No matter if you have a big stack, you should never just call for the sake of it. In the latter steps of a tournament, you’ll get the currency most favorable to eliminate your opponents intentionally. Just be careful, because a poker player with a short stack is often desperate and may have something up his sleeve to beat you. Just look for the opportunity to isolate him and be careful if the tournament allows rebuy. You never know if he has something waiting on the sidelines to provide them with a new stack of chips.

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