The EPT 2010 is almost there!

August 10th, 2010

On the next 10th of August, the most famous European poker tournament will start. It is the occasion for you to get involved in. The European tournament will take place in Tallinn the capital of Estonia so if you like poker it is time to get your ticket to it! The tournament would be around of Europe especially in the capital cities of most of the countries of Europe. So, it is time of us to tell you a little more about the capital cities where the tournament will take place.

The city of Tallin is the capital of Estonia and the city will receive the first tournament of the EPT 2010 in August. The city is the main port of the country (Mungaa Port, commercial port). The city is on the Golf of Finland beside the Baltic Sea. In 2010, the city was composed of 409000 people, which means that it is the biggest city of the country on a territory of 158 km squares.

The city is very popular for its medieval architecture and its building composed with pink baroque walls. The city has kept its city’s wall and also the towers of the city. It looks very nice and it is a pleasure to walk alongside the harbour. The castle of Tompea, the most important monument of Tallinn is dominated the city. It is also the place where the parliament has its headquarters.

After that the European tournament will keep turning around Europe and it will take place in London.

London is the Capital of United Kingdom and it is also the most important city in the world. London is the first financial centre in the world. In the XIX century, the capital was the most populated city in the world but today, London is not the first one anymore, it is 8 million people in London today. If everyone knows London is for a famous Queen and a typical English architecture. You can visit the Big Ben, the eyes of London but it is important to visit the different suburbs around London. The city proposes a number of typical markets such as Camden, Brixton…  You can also visit any museum in London for free and have a fun night in it when they organise night club party at the museum.

Berlin, capital of Germany, the city is populated of 5 million people. The city is very popular through its access to the culture. Berlin is 165 museums, 146 libraries and 60 theatres. The city is also known for a classical and rich architecture. Berlin is circled par rivers and canals. But, after the second war the city was almost destroyed and the houses were partially destroyed too. So, after the war, artists decided to invade the East suburb and built a new one. Today this part of the country is very popular for its night club and especially for the famous underground culture such as Tresor a techno club very popular everywhere in the world.

The poker tournament will take place in Prague Copenhagen, Deauville and Vienna.

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