September 16th, 2014

In the latest report presented by Ohio Casino Control Commission, the total casino revenue in Ohio slightly drops in the month of August of this year, compared to that of August 2013. Indeed, the State’s four casinos garnered $ 70.7 million in August 2014 while August 2013 had seen $ 70.8 million. However, the said revenue experiences a 4% increase compared to July 2014. With its 119 table games and 1,849 netbet bonus casino machines, Horseshoe Casino Cleveland secures the lead in terms of revenue increase with $ 20.5 million in August, a considerable leap compared to the $ 18.9 million the casino facility garnered a year earlier.

Hollywood Casino Columbus comes second with $ 18 million in revenue in August 2014. The same month last year, it generated $ 16,890,000. For Hollywood Casino Toledo, its revenue taken in August remains reasonably stable with $ 15.97 million while it saw $ 15.86 million of revenue the same month last year. On the other side of the bench, casino revenues of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati sharply drop to $ 16.2 million in August from 19.2 $ million in 2013.

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September 5th, 2014

The opening day of the US Open tennis grand slam is almost upon us and this means that there are going to be some interesting opening day matches for any eager punter to have a bet on. Most of the games that we will see on the opening day will be uneventful encounters and there will be no surprise results. However, there will also be some games that are worth watching and placing a bet on.

Here are the following games that are most likely to be worth placing a bet on. The first game features rising Australian youngster Nick Kyrgios against Mikhail Youzhny. Youzhny has been in some great form recently but Kyrgios is a player who is on the rise and he has a very good chance of beating Youzhny in an opening day upset.

Another of interest to punters should be the game for Andreas Beck to beat Pablo Carreno-Busta. Beck is in some great hard court surface form after winning his three warm up matches before the tournament. Carreno-Busta on the other hand spent time losing on clay courts, which is hardly ideal preparation for a hard court tournament.

If you are a punter looking for some great matches to bet on for the opening day then you can’t go wrong with these two matches. They will also be upset victories, which means you are set to win some decent money if you place a good bet.

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August 14th, 2014

South African Rory Kockott, a star on bets online sites and Castres scrum-half has never donned the Springboks jersey, the national team of his country. Despite his immense talent, he is ignored by Springboks’ coach “Heineke Meyer”. His name is not included on the list of qualified players heading to the upcoming Four Nations battle. However, as Fourie du Preez was seriously injured, that incident could have paved Kockott’s way to this major championship. Unfortunately Meyer has chosen to field Ruan Pienaar, Francois Hougaard and Cobus Reinach…

Actually the Sharks scrumhalf will face the Springboks for the first time in his career, quite a different path compared to what Kockott walks now. Having lived in France for over 3 years, the 28 years-old Kockott with his high odds on online betting is also eligible for France National Rugby Team. Though he did not openly admit the fact, being part of the “XV de France” would be his upmost target. Rory Kockott is just waiting for a call from the FFR (French Rugby Federation) and Philippe Saint-André to start an international career.

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June 19th, 2014

The match Australia – Netherlands is probably the most spectacular of the first round of the World Cup 2014. While many, including some enthusiast of sports betting expected a gala match of Robben and his teammates, Australia has stood up to one of the favorites for the competition and even enjoy some moments of fear leading to the score. In sum, both teams have delivered a stunning match of intensity that finally turned to the advantage of the Oranje on Wednesday in Porto Alegre.

Arjen Robben opened hostilities in the 20th minute on an individual feat that ended with a cross-shot. Barely a minute, Australia resets the counter to zero by a volley of Tim Cahill (21st) on a centering of Leckie. Australia even took the lead after the break with a penalty of Mile Jedinak (54th). But the joy in the Australian camp was cut short by Robien Van Persie to equalize in the 58th minute of the game. Australia has everything to regain the lead but the Netherlands have confirmed their status as favorite by scoring the goal of the victory in the 68th minute on a goal by Memphis Depay to the joy of those who receive online betting best bonus. The Oranje take the first place in Group B preliminary, having the same points with Chile (6 points). Bets on football are open in the world cup match Chile – Netherlands on Monday, June 23 and will let determine the first of the group.

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May 22nd, 2014

To reach the rank of poker professionals who can live thanks to their earnings in tournaments, the first step to do is to learn the game. The better way for to learn it is to join poker sites. This platform provides to its members, especially for the beginners, adequate assistance to enable them to master the game of poker. It offers among other things a poker school where all modes and game rules which need to be applied in various tournaments are available; and regardless of the variant played. Sometimes these sites allocate some online coaching.

An online poker site also offers to its members the benefit to have access to free tournaments; they can apply during such event their knowledge and learn all the tactics to deploy in order to succeed. There are various types of free tournaments but they are generally known as freeroll tournaments. It is important to mention also that operators of online poker organize regularly tournaments with moderate buy-in during which, more experienced players are present on the table. The level of play becomes higher with the increasing of the buy-in and each participant has the privilege and the opportunity to win new experiences.

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July 10th, 2013

The Tournament Director Association (TDA), an association grouping several professionals of poker, following the example of Linda Johnson, Jack Effel and Matt Savage, met at the Venetian, in June 26th and 27th. It is about an annual meeting established to examine the rules of poker, applicable during different tournaments. After this meeting, the participants agreed on a possible change concerning the rule of the last card.

In fact, since a long time, a player can play a hand if he sits down before the distribution of this last card. If the project of modification is applied, each player who is not sitting down on the table yet during the distribution of the first card will be considered as « burned ». Linda Johnson thinks that this modification can remedy some attempts of cheating, because players who stand up are able to see the cards of the others. However, Daniel Negreanu does not share Johnson’s point of view. He openly criticized the new regulation and said that the TDA should lean on more important problems. Note that the Kid has this tendency to play poker while standing up in order to talk with his neighbors.

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February 14th, 2011

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, especially when playing in poker tournaments: to remove opponents. In a tournament, each player has his own way to eliminate an opponent. If you are already in the money, for each player eliminated your premium increases. So there are a lot of incentives to eliminate an opponent, if and when you do it.

This does not necessarily mean getting rid of players to be closer to the prize, especially in a tournament fee. In reality it depends on the situation of the opponent. If he is short stack the general consensus is to get him out if you have the opportunity and the other players will encourage you to do so.

This does not mean changing your strategy, as early in the game by eliminating your opponents is not a big problem, and can be expensive. You must ensure that the time is right and you are doing this for all the right reasons.

In an attempt to eliminate an opponent’s short stack, some poker players play hands that should not be playing. If the eliminations are at the center of your game and if you bet only for this purpose, your own game can suffer, no matter if other players get annoyed with you or not.
If you think about the fact that there is often more to lose than to gain by making out an opponent, you have to think for a moment and analyze the situation. For every eight to ten times that you try to eliminate an opponent, you may be able to succeed, on average, once. The cost of these chips is important! The elimination will happen only when there is a great asset in question; if you have a bad hand, why waste your stack? In fact, this may provide short stack players more chances to climb the money ladder and get to the final table.

No matter if you have a big stack, you should never just call for the sake of it. In the latter steps of a tournament, you’ll get the currency most favorable to eliminate your opponents intentionally. Just be careful, because a poker player with a short stack is often desperate and may have something up his sleeve to beat you. Just look for the opportunity to isolate him and be careful if the tournament allows rebuy. You never know if he has something waiting on the sidelines to provide them with a new stack of chips.

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October 19th, 2010

The basic of the game

The game is played between two players at least and it is the dealer has to serve one card by one card by following the direction of the clock. Before you start the game, a forced bet, a amount of chips is fixed in advance, called Ante, this one is paid by all players, but there are also other blinds for some poker variations such as “blind” or ” bring in “.The number of cards to each player also varies depending on the variant and it may be five, seven or nine depending on the type of game depends of the games and the goal is to have the best combination of cards to win the bet all players, called pot.

Everyone has their turn to talk where the player can raise the bet, follow the previous or fold that means that you are abandoning what you have already bet, which occurs when the player has a bad combination contributing to reduce its losses.

Combinations that you can have in poker

Come in descending order of value combinations of five cards possible. First, there is the straight flush is a sequence of five cards of the same colour. It is called royal flush if the sequence contains an ace, a king, queen, jack and a 10, it is the combination which has the highest poker value.

After the flush, there is the four of the kind which is a combination of four cards of equal value, for example, four queens or another card of some sort. It is important to know that in poker, the ace is the card that has the highest value and the two is the lowest card.
Then we have the full house, three cards of equal value also called three of the kind, associated with two cards of equal value or pair. For the full house, the classification depends of the value of the three of the kind.

After that, you have the flush, it is a combination of 5 cards of the same suit but that does not follow each other, we decide between two colours by the highest value card. Then there’s the straight, which contains 5 cards in sequence but not the same suit but be careful because in this case the Ace is the lowest card if the sequence consists of an Ace -2-3-4-5.

After you have the three of a kind: three cards of same rank and two cards of any kind. Finally, there may be two or a pair with five cards. If no player ever succeeded in forming these combinations, the winner is determined by the highest card, beginning with the aces and we decide to make a difference between two games with the kicker which is the highest card.

Essential tips

There are qualities required to be a good player at poker, such as patience, prudence, analytical skills, creativity and above all, self-control in order to manage its budget.

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August 10th, 2010

On the next 10th of August, the most famous European poker tournament will start. It is the occasion for you to get involved in. The European tournament will take place in Tallinn the capital of Estonia so if you like poker it is time to get your ticket to it! The tournament would be around of Europe especially in the capital cities of most of the countries of Europe. So, it is time of us to tell you a little more about the capital cities where the tournament will take place.

The city of Tallin is the capital of Estonia and the city will receive the first tournament of the EPT 2010 in August. The city is the main port of the country (Mungaa Port, commercial port). The city is on the Golf of Finland beside the Baltic Sea. In 2010, the city was composed of 409000 people, which means that it is the biggest city of the country on a territory of 158 km squares.

The city is very popular for its medieval architecture and its building composed with pink baroque walls. The city has kept its city’s wall and also the towers of the city. It looks very nice and it is a pleasure to walk alongside the harbour. The castle of Tompea, the most important monument of Tallinn is dominated the city. It is also the place where the parliament has its headquarters.

After that the European tournament will keep turning around Europe and it will take place in London.

London is the Capital of United Kingdom and it is also the most important city in the world. London is the first financial centre in the world. In the XIX century, the capital was the most populated city in the world but today, London is not the first one anymore, it is 8 million people in London today. If everyone knows London is for a famous Queen and a typical English architecture. You can visit the Big Ben, the eyes of London but it is important to visit the different suburbs around London. The city proposes a number of typical markets such as Camden, Brixton…  You can also visit any museum in London for free and have a fun night in it when they organise night club party at the museum.

Berlin, capital of Germany, the city is populated of 5 million people. The city is very popular through its access to the culture. Berlin is 165 museums, 146 libraries and 60 theatres. The city is also known for a classical and rich architecture. Berlin is circled par rivers and canals. But, after the second war the city was almost destroyed and the houses were partially destroyed too. So, after the war, artists decided to invade the East suburb and built a new one. Today this part of the country is very popular for its night club and especially for the famous underground culture such as Tresor a techno club very popular everywhere in the world.

The poker tournament will take place in Prague Copenhagen, Deauville and Vienna.

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April 21st, 2010

Being in the multitude of Casino Bet and poker rooms available on the internet is not easy. To get there, nothing beats the advice of an expert, a casinos site which can give you a comparison of the best deals. is the portal that provides to its customers with guide regulations and strategies in poker. This is very useful in order to control the game but especially to keep a good level. In this site, players will have at their disposal so a section devoted solely to basic rules of poker. Listed tips and techniques, we can see the tips on how to bluff or how to respond to a calling station. Of course this guide will also provide a glossary of poker terms, so that, novices do not get lost in the tide of various expressions.

In addition to these regulations, the site  also provide to players different  skills to have to avoid getting lost. As such, a good ease in calculation, analysis of behavior, a good visual memory as well. In the strategy section, you are advised on how to manage time in poker, know the right time to bet or bluff or fold. Playing online poker is a great advantage because you can learn to play quickly without having to spend time over and above there is no displacement. All you need is a computer home with a good connection and you’re playing. It also helps you avoid the pitfalls that await the players who are not often advertised.

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